Make Change Count for Schools

How it Works

MCCFS, with help from local sponsors and San Diego-based parking technology company IPS Group, installs donation meters at schools.

Why It Works

Modern Platform

Our program provides a low-maintenance, streamlined hub for donations at schools, and enables the community to contribute both small and large amounts via credit card donations.

Community Benefits

The program allows schools receive consistent funding to use at their discretion. Donors and sponsors receive tax breaks, and it provides a convenient way for local businesses to make charitable contributions to schools.

Sponsor Involvement

Sponsors provide necessary funds for the installation and maintenance of meters. They also help cover the cost of credit card processing fees. Sponsors are featured on a plaque near the donation meter, on our social media pages, and in press releases.

The Installation Process


We contact the school and present the program to the school's foundation, PTSA, and administration staff. We then work with both IPS Group and the school to set up the meter software and financial accounts. Finally, we collect donations from local businesses to cover credit card processing fees and the cost of installing of the meter at the school site.


We organize the installation of the meter at a location approved by the school administration and district facilities office. Next, we work with IPS Group, the school, and the local sponsor to hold a formal launch event for the meter with appropriate press coverage. After that, students, parents, and visitors can make donations in the form of coins or credit card transactions.


We train school staff to use IPS Group’s data management system to monitor revenue, collect coins from the meter, and obtain receipts. We also work with IPS Group to provide any necessary maintenance for the meter.